Aquatica Orlando Waterpark

Aquatica Orlando Waterpark has been voted #1 waterpark in the United States. Not just the best Orlando water park but the best in the nation. USA Today voted Aquatica Orlando as the Nation’s best outdoor waterpark. If this doesn’t make you want to head to Aquatica Orlando. Then maybe the information below will change your mind.

Certified Autism Center

Aquatica Orlando is the first waterpark in the World to be designated as a Certified Autism Center. This accreditation follows their sister park Sesame Place, which became the world’s first certified autism center theme park.

Aquatica Orlando water park has partnered with the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES). Completion of a staff-wide autism sensitivity and awareness training and an onsite review of the park property and guest experience has been performed. The staff at Aquatica Orlando will continually be trained to assist guests with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other special needs.

Guests will be provided with specific information about attractions. There is a quiet room to provide relief from sensory stimulation. It can be found near Kata’s Kookaburra Cove. First come, first-served basis. Another option for a quiet location is behind Loggerhead Lane.

Best Orlando Water Park Attractions

Commerson’s Dolphin Habitat is where to see the dolphins up close. During feeding time at the pool is the best. But there is also an underwater viewing area referred to as Dolphin Lookout. Here you can watch them swim around the tubes of Dolphin Plunge. Loggerhead Lane lazy river ride is the other way to see the dolphins.

Dolphin Plunge is definitely the top attraction at Aquatica Orlando. Looking for the reason why Aquatica Orlando Waterpark is the best Orlando water park? This is one of them among many. You will ride on your back through a tube partially in darkness. Then the tube becomes transparent when you enter and go through the Commerson’s Dolphin Habitat before your splashdown. The best time to ride is in the afternoon. Keep in mind you may not always see the dolphins. That’s okay. Just ride again. Height requirement of 48″.

Ihu’s Breakaway Falls
 is the steepest free-fall multi-drop tower of it’s kind in Orlando. Looking for big thrills? This is it. Height requirement of 48″.

KareKare Curl is the latest attraction at Aquatica. Experience weightlessness on this thrilling two passenger slide starting April 12th.

Kata’s Kookaburra Cove
is a water park just for your little ones. The maximum height is 48″. Mini version for the little kids. They have kiddie-sized beginner slides where you will splash down in the pool. Racer Chaser, Slippity Dippity, Slider Rider, and Zippity Zappity.

Loggerhead Lane
lazy river ride is another way to see the dolphins. It’s the most exciting part of this ride. At one point the river passes through a tunnel where a large window looks into Commerson’s Dolphin Habitat so you can see the speedy dolphins. This spot also makes for a great view of Dolphin Plunge. Way cool! The ride itself is short. Many grab onto shore for a longer look at the dolphins.

Omaka Rocka
is a pair of slides. You will descend through pipes and massive funnels. Sliding high up on the sides. Height requirement of 48″.

Ray Rush
family raft slide is the best Orlando water park ride. Not just one, but triple your fun on this family raft slide. You will slide, splash, and soar. Height requirement of 42″.

Roa’s Rapids
is not your normal lazy river ride. You will zip along a twisting 1500 foot course. Wearing life jackets.

At Tassie’s Twisters, grab a tube or a two holer and zip down one of two curving water chutes into a giant bowl. Where you will spin and spin until you finally land in the lazy river. This one is a little zany.

Taumata Racer
is the biggest thrill attraction here. Eight flumes at the top of this seven-foot-tall tower. Racers fly head first on mats. This is extreme. Height requirement of 42″.

Walhalla Wave
is a family raft ride. A family of four can zip down a 600 foot series of twists, turns, and tunnels.

Walkabout Waters
is a multi-level play area that covers 15.000 square feet. With rope walks, water cannons, buckets, and small slides to keep the kids busy for a while.

Whanau Way
is a five-story tower with four slides. Offering four different high-speed rides. Riders will use a two-seater tube to zip down 340 feet of curving flumes. Each flume has a 360-degree corkscrew.

Optional Add Ons

Don’t like to wait in line? I know I don’t. Skip the lines with Quick Queue. This provides unlimited access to the front of the line for Whanau Way, Omaka Rocka, Ihu’s Breakaway Falls, and Taumata Racer. Don’t want to wait in line for that one try of Ray Rush. There’s a Quick Queue just for that. Additional charges apply.

Looking for the best dining value? Eat and drink all day? Yes, you will want to add this plan if you are going to spend a full day at Aquatica Orlando. Restaurants include Banana Beach Cookout, Mango Market Grab & Go, and Waterstone Grill.

In Conclusion

If you are looking for the best Orlando water park. You’ve found it. Aquatica Orlando Waterpark is a spacious and beautiful designed water park. It is designed with families in mind. There are slides, lazy rivers, wave pools, a sandy beach, and a water play area for the kids. There are even dolphins and tropical fish. Won’t find that elsewhere. Open year-round.

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