Best Rides At Magic Kingdom For Teens

Best rides at the Magic Kingdom for teens must include the three mountains. Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. If your family is looking for Magic Kingdom thrill rides, then head for the mountains.

The Magic Kingdom isn’t just about your little ones. There really are top attractions and rides for everyone to enjoy at the Magic Kingdom. Really! The thrills may be a bit tamer than at other Orlando attractions, but still thrilling enough.

Space Mountain

Blast off into outer space on Disney World’s first roller coaster. Space Mountain is the most extreme ride at the Magic Kingdom, making it the top ride at the Magic Kingdom for teenagers.

Sitting single file in your rip-roaring rocket you are plunged into darkness. You’ll whiz past shooting stars, celestial satellites, flashing orbs of light and streaking comets. The drops aren’t too big and there are no loops, but being enclosed in the darkness of outer space makes it appear zippier making it more thrilling. My recommendation is to sit in the front row and have no way of knowing what is coming next.

I still recall riding this ride for the first time. Many, many moons ago. It’s still one of my favorite memories of Disney World. Truly a Disney classic!

Splash Mountain

Themed after the 1946 film, Disney’s Song of the South. This traditional flume ride tells the story of Br’er Rabbit as he searches for this “laughing place”.

This entertaining and long-lasting ride may start off a little too cutesy for teens. With the animatronics and story side of the attraction. But give it time. It all ends with a plunge over the side of a 5 story waterfall into the briar patch. Ending with one of my favorite Disney songs, zip a dee doo dah.  Want to get soaked? Sit in the front. Better yet, put the teenagers up there.

This iconic Magic Kingdom ride is especially perfect for a hot day in Orlando. Now, if it’s chilly and you don’t want to get wet. Wear a poncho, a lot of people do. Also, remember to protect any of the items that you don’t want to get wet.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Classic Disney World Wild West ride is a great first-time roller coaster for tweens. An all-around enjoyable roller coaster that the whole family can enjoy.

Experience a runaway train barreling down the side of a mountain on a rickety track. Big Thunder Mountain doesn’t have loops, huge drops or corkscrews. But it does deliver lots of sudden dips and sharp turns keeping the ride fast-paced all the way through.

The “wildest ride in the wilderness” should be enjoyed in the evening to make it more thrilling. Plus, there are wonderful views of the nightly fireworks show over Cinderella’s Castle.

In Conclusion

The Magic Kingdom is a favorite for little kids and nostalgic adults. But that doesn’t mean that tweens and teens can’t have a good time. It all depends on your kids. Some will enjoy Magic Kingdom’s thrill rides, where others may not. No problem, other best rides at the Magic Kingdom for teens may include the cult classic Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean (where is Johnny Depp?) and the Mad Tea Party. You know. Those teacups that spin and spin, that make me want to hurl. Teenagers love them!

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