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All-inclusive park experience at Discovery Cove is limited to around 1300 guests a day. Even a smaller amount of guests can attend the Discovery Cove Dolphin Swim Experience in any given day. So be sure to reserve your spot well in advance. I would say at least two months prior.

Day Resort Package Includes

  • Snorkeling with thousands of tropical fish and rays
  • Hand feeding exotic birds
  • Relaxing on pristine beaches
  • Floating along the scenic Wind-Away River
  • Lockers, sunscreen, towels, snorkel gear, and wet suits
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Unlimited snacks, drinks, and select alcoholic beverages
  • All-day self-parking at Discovery Cove only
  • Unlimited admission to SeaWorld Orlando and Aquatica for 14 consecutive days

The Discovery Cove Dolphin Swim Experience can be added to the above package for an additional charge.

Experience Discovery Cove

Dolphin Swim Experience

What comes to mind when you hear Discovery Cove is the ability to swim with the dolphins. This package includes a reserved 30-minute dolphin interaction. First, you will learn about dolphin behavior. Then you become acquainted with your dolphin friend through hugs, kisses, and rubdowns. Then take hold of its dorsal fin and hold on, you will now experience the ride of a lifetime.

This is offered as an additional package to your ticket.  Age 6 on up.

Serenity Bay

Take the time to go for a swim and soak up the sun on the white sand beach.

Wind-Away River

Relax and wind past sandy beaches, rain forest, beneath the rocky terrain of cascading waterfall and through an underwater cave.

Fresh Water Oasis

This a family attraction that every age can enjoy. Featuring encounters with frisky otters and inquisitive marmosets.

Explorer’s Aviary

Experience hundreds of colorful birds that will soar around you. They will even land and nibble on food from you.

Grand Reef

Here you will see thousands of beautiful fish, from colorful wrasses to large spotted eagle rays. This is a great family adventure. From shallow waters to deeper caverns for the more adventurous. There’re bridges and pathways so you can enjoy the fish without getting wet. Also, there are habitats that create the feeling that you are swimming right alongside reef sharks. Don’t worry, they are actually behind glass. Now if you want to swim with the sharks that’s possible too (additional charges apply).

Other Discovery Cove Upgrades

Trainer for the Day

  • Enhanced deep water dolphin interaction
  • Individual photo session with two dolphins (photo package for an additional charge)
  • Behind the scenes tour
  • Shadow a trainer for the day to learn what it’s like to work with the animals
  • Feed tropical fish in The Grand Reef
  • Special meet and greets with tropical birds and small mammals
  • Unlimited snacks, drinks, and select alcoholic beverages
  • All-day self-parking at Discovery Cove only
  • Unlimited admission to SeaWorld Orlando and Aquatica for 14 consecutive days

Trainer for a day groups are limited up to 9 guests. Groups may be combined.

Age 6 on up.


One cool underwater walking tour of the Grand Reef. Don’t worry you will be wearing a dive helmet. But there’s no need for SCUBA certification. Climb down a ladder and on the reef floor, you’ll come eye to eye with sharks through an 8-foot tall by 21-foot long panoramic window. You’ll experience a one on one with unique animals, schools of fish, and rays. You can even touch sea life found along the way. The adventure ends with schools of fish feeding around the divers.

Feed the Stingrays

Join Discovery Cove early in the morning to feed breakfast to various species of rays along with tropical fish. Meet some of the smaller animals at Discovery Cove. Expect to learn from your aquarist guide on how they attend to all the animals in the Grand Reef. Space is limited.

Swim with the Sharks

Besides the Dolphin Swim Experience, this is also an experience of a lifetime. Prepare to get up close and personal. Before your opportunity to swim with the sharks, the Discovery Cove expert will have a training session with you. You will be able to swim with several species of sharks in their habitat. Space is limited.

Animal Trek

Enjoy a private 90-minute behind the scenes tour. Private tours include the Explorer’s Aviary and the otter oasis. You will be able to feed and have one of a kind photo opportunities. You may even be able to interact with an anteater and a sloth. Age 6 on up.

Other add-ons include but not limited to are cabanas, day beds, and upgraded drink packages (must be 21 or older).

Please note: All upgrades require an additional charge.

In Conclusion

Spend the day at Discovery Cove, you will feel like you are at an exclusive luxury Caribbean all-inclusive resort. Memories of a lifetime will be made here. Dolphin Swim Experience is a once in a lifetime for a lot of families. Do as much or as little as you want. Plenty here to entertain the whole family. Adventure awaits in this tropical paradise in Orlando, Florida.

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