Disney Theme Park News – Smoking, Strollers, and Ice

The latest Disney Theme Park news from smoking to strollers. What you need to know before your next visit to the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort.

Disney World Smoking Areas

Disney is banning smoking inside Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort starting on May 1.   The only smoke you will see in the parks is from the fireworks.  Disney World smoking areas will still be available at designated locations outside of the theme park entrances and Disney Springs. If you have room or dining reservations at a given onsite hotel you will find designated smoking areas.

Disney World Stroller Policy

This is very important for families with little ones. Disney World stroller policy no longer allows stroller wagons or oversized strollers as of May 1. It is required that they be no larger than 31″ wide and 52″ long. You can rent a single or double stroller at Walt Disney World Resort. This new policy will aid in easing guest flow and reducing congestion.

Lose The Loose Ice

Can I bring food into Disney World? Yes, you may. But you can’t use loose or dry ice in your cooler. Loose or dry ice is no longer permitted to be brought into the theme parks, including the water parks. You can use reusable ice packs or pick up a complimentary cup of ice once in the park.

In Conclusion

Both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort are expecting huge crowds this summer with the introduction of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Disney believes these new policies will make the parks more enjoyable for everyone while easing guest flow and reducing congestion.

The new smoking and stroller policies go into effect on May 1. No loose ice rules are effective immediately.

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