Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park

If a challenging and unforgettable outdoor experience is what you’re after, Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park is the place for you!

Why not kick it up a notch on your next Orlando vacation with a unique treetop adventure it’s truly a refreshing break from the theme parks and great fun for the entire family.  Plus, this top Orlando attraction is located just a few minutes from Walt Disney World.

Much More Than Just A Zip Line Experience!

This ropes course is a series of aerial adventures with cargo nets, ladders, swinging logs, zip lines, Tarzan ropes, hanging skateboards, and more all come together to create an incredible obstacle course! Oh, and then there is the giant 425-foot zip line at the end of the course!

You’ll find the obstacle courses physically challenging, yet rewarding. And, there are activities for just about any level of climbing expertise.

You don’t need experience to participate, but it does take a lot of strength in some courses. The courses get progressively more challenging.  Course four truly requires upper body strength.

It will challenge you both mentally and physically. It may seem scary at times yet, so rewarding to finish.

Don’t worry, you’re always hooked into a safety line, and the park employs state of the art safety equipment.

Ultimate Test Of Strength, Endurance, And Fitness

There are four levels of the course, all start with the easiest and get progressively harder.  Each one higher and more exciting than the last.  It takes about 3 hours, that’s 3 hours of amazing, exhausting, fun.

Adults (age 12+) have four progressively challenging courses which includes a giant (425ft) zip line
Juniors (ages 9-11) have three progressively challenging courses which includes a giant (425ft) zip line
Children (ages 6-8) have two courses featuring 21 challenges at minimum elevation/minimum skill

Junior climbers must be able to reach the tips of their fingers to a height of 5’9″ while keeping their feet flat on the ground.

Kid climbers must be able to reach the tips of their fingers to a height of 4’7″ while keeping their feet flat on the ground.

A parent or guardian is required to supervise the child.

Must have a 44-inch waist size or smaller

You don’t want to climb? No problem, there are walking trails along the course that allow you to observe others as they move through the courses.

What To Wear And Not To Wear

Come dressed to climb. Appropriate footwear and clothing are required for safety purposes.

  • No jewelry. Necklaces or bracelets can get caught in the equipment.
  • No open-toed shoes and no slip-on shoes. Wear sturdy closed-toed shoes or boots.
  • No loose baggy clothing. Wear fitted apparel that you don’t mind getting a little dirty. Please note: Guests may be refused access to the course if they are not wearing appropriate clothing to ensure that safety standards are met. Also note, long hair must be tied back.

Word Of Advice

Word of advice get the gloves (unless you brought your own) and the unlimited water option. Your hands will thank you and your body will thank you. They are reasonably priced and most definitely worth it.

Also, use the restroom before starting, there is no getting down once you start, and even at the rest stops between courses, there are no bathrooms.

It’s fun, thrilling, and very challenging. If at any time you feel it’s too challenging, it’s okay to call it a day.

In Conclusion

Orlando Tree Trek Adventure Park is open rain or shine.  In the event of heavy rain or lightning, if the weather does not improve within 30 minutes, climbers may request a rain check.

Policy is to show up 30 minutes before your booked time to get fitted for the safety harness, take the brief training class, and to become familiar with the equipment.

Reservations are recommended.

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