SeaWorld Orlando Roller Coasters, Shows, Rides, and Animal Experiences

SeaWorld Orlando

Want to reserve seats for the best shows at SeaWorld Orlando? Do you want to be in front of the line for all the SeaWorld Orlando roller coasters along with other top attractions? Then you need to reserve signature show seating + quick queue unlimited. When time is of a concern, here you go.

SeaWorld Orlando is not just about roller coasters, shows, and animals. SeaWorld Orlando is a major rescuer and rehabilitator of aquatic and other creatures. They have given over 33,000 animals a new chance at life.

SeaWorld Orlando Animal Experiences

Plenty of up close and personal interactions, educational programs, and tours. There’s up close tours of beluga whales, dolphins, killer whales, penguins, sea lions, sharks, and walruses. Plus, plenty of other encounters. Additional charges may apply.

Stingray Lagoon is the best chance to touch and feed one of the critters here at SeaWorld Orlando.

At Pacific Point Preserve it’s fun to watch the sea lions being fed. Either by the staff or the public. Head to Shark Shallows to feed the sharks. Additional charge to purchase feeding trays.

Turtle Trek is home of the first 3D 360 dome theater. Live through the eyes of the turtle. Learn about the sea turtles and manatees and how SeaWorld Orlando has received and cared for them.

See the rescued manatees in the Manatee Rehabilitation Area and check out the pelicans in the Pelican Preserve. Dolphin nursery to see mom and babies play. Hard to resist the dolphin nursery. aww!!! Plus, there’s much more.

Wild Arctic is an aquatic habitat and a flight simulator ride. The habitat is the real draw here for me. Beluga whales, walruses and harbor seals.

Head to Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin to check out the penguins. Bring long sleeves or a jacket. Little chilly in here.

Best Shows at SeaWorld Orlando

Do take your time and soak in all the exhibits and shows. They are what we are here for. SeaWorld Orlando is mostly show based. Best shows at SeaWorld Orlando offer reserved seating for an additional charge. Shows include One Ocean, Dolphin Days, Pets Ahoy, and Clyde and Seamore’s Sea Lion High.

One Ocean is SeaWorld’s signature killer whale show. Simply a must see. Especially if you haven’t before. Beware seats in the soak zone, mean just that. There’s Ocean Discovery, it’s an educational show concerning the killer whales.

At Dolphin Days receive an up close look at the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins along with tropical birds.

Pets Ahoy includes domestic animals that will have the whole family laughing out loud.

Clyde and Seamore’s Sea Lion High is where you will learn, laugh, and be amazed.

SeaWorld Orlando Rides

Ready to cool off? What about a combo flume ride and roller coaster? That’s what you find at Journey to Atlantis. Oh yes, you will get wet. Infinity Falls with the tallest plunge. Yep, you will get soaked here, too.

Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin combines closer than ever animal connections with state of the art interactive ride technologies. You have your choice of mild or wild version. After the ride, check out the penguins.

Wild Arctic is a habitat and a ride. One doozie of a ride if you can handle it. If the flight simulator is not for you, which I can understand, you may bypass and go the non-motion theater for the movie. Along with a habitat of Beluga whales, walruses and seals.

Looking to slow down or take in attractions for the whole family? There’s the Sea Carousel and the Flamingo Paddle Boats. How fun is that?

Check out Sky Tower. This 400 foot tower has been the icon of SeaWorld Orlando since opening day in 1974. Wonderful leisure ride to get a birds eye view of Orlando (additional cost).

SeaWorld Orlando Roller Coasters

Anyone say coasters?!? SeaWorld Orlando roller coasters are some of the best around. We are talking extreme.

Manta – queue up for total immersion in an aquarium filled with all types of rays. The only flying roller coaster in all of Florida. Non riders have their own entrance. But if you dare, Become the ray.

Kraken – love that word, Kraken. The only floorless coaster in Orlando. Rated one of the top coasters by coaster enthusiasts.

Mako – fastest, tallest, longest roller coaster in Orlando. This hyper coaster reaches speeds up to 73 mph. Oh Yeah!

Ice Breaker-coming soon
It’s been nearly three years since SeaWorld Orlando debuted a new roller coaster. Expect to experience Ice Breaker, their new coaster in the Spring of 2020. No exact dates as of yet.

Seaworld Orlando’s new roller coaster will be the park’s first launch coaster, hurling riders four times throughout the ride on 2,750 feet of track, it will travel both forward and backward up to 52 mph.

What Else?

Shark’s Underwater Grill. The big draw here is the massive shark and fish habitat, Shark Encounter. This incredible view is seen from any table while you enjoy your meal. For the most immersive up-close dining at Shamu Stadium. Advance reservations.

If too pricey for you, or no advance reservations. There’s plenty of other dining options. There’s even an all-day dining plan.

Shopping? Of course there is shopping. Plenty of unique souvenirs to bring home. Beautiful paintings and shirts at the exclusive Guy Harvey shop. Plus, of course, plenty of plush animals, toys, clothing and everything in between.

There’s also fun stuff like caricature drawings, face paintings and there’s the ever so popular pin trading.

In Conclusion

Might want to plan your visit during one of the special events throughout the year. Seven Seas Food Festival, Halloween Spooktacular, Christmas Celebrations, etc… Plus, there are special not to be missed seasonal shows that can’t be seen anytime else.

It’s SeaWorld Orlando for roller coasters, best shows, and animal experiences you won’t soon forget. Animal lovers and thrill seekers alike will make memories to last a lifetime.

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