Seuss Landing At Islands Of Adventure

Seuss Landing at Islands of Adventure in Universal Orlando Resort is where Dr. Seuss’s stories come to life. Step inside the pages of some of the most beloved children’s stories of all time.

Seuss Landing at Islands of Adventure for toddlers? Yes, Seuss Landing at Islands of Adventure is designed with young children in mind. Rides, attractions, shows, and characters for the little ones to enjoy. Actually, the whole family will enjoy. I know we have. Still, laugh when I think about the times spent in Seuss Landing. I’m sure you and your family will have fond memories too.

Top Attractions

Cool bit of info: Dr. Seuss never drew straight lines. Everything was curved, slanted, or “wonky.” Expect the same in Seuss Landing.

The Cat In The Hat

Take your couch for a spin through the pages of The Cat in the Hat. There are swoops, turns and maybe even a 360-degree spin. Don’t worry, it’s not cranked up like it was in the old days. It has been slowed down to make it more of a kiddie ride.

No height requirement. 48″ and under must be accompanied by a companion.

The High In The Sky Seuss Trolley Train Ride

This is a family favorite of ours. I would say the top attraction in Seuss Landing. You can see all the Seuss stories in just this one ride. As the name states, you are high in the sky giving you a bird’s eye view of Seuss Landing. You have a choice of tracks. One of the two tracks (the train to your right) goes inside Circus McGurkus Cafe Stoo-pendous. So you can shout down to the diners below.

Must be at least 36″, Under 48″ must be accompanied by a companion.


You’ve never ridden a carousel quite like this one. Pull back on the reins or push the lever on the neck and your mount’s eyes will blink, ears will wiggle, or head will turn. Some of the characters include elephant birds, twin camels, cowfish, mulligatawnies, aqua mop tops, dog-a-lopes, and more. Look up and see Horton guarding his dandelion.

No height requirement. 48″ and under must be accompanied by a companion.

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Like one of the old carnival rides where you fly using controls. Except this one is kicked up a notch, you spin and swoop. Pay attention if you don’t want to get wet. Note: On colder days or mornings the ride may not spray water. Thank goodness (I think).

No height requirement. 48″ and under must be accompanied by a companion.

If I Ran The Zoo

Lots of interactive fun for your little ones to enjoy, including dry and wet activities. Kids play area is inspired by Gerald McGrew and his extraordinary zoo of unusual creatures. Your toddlers will giggle through the whole attraction. Beware the Scraggle Foot Mulligatawny!

Zookeeper code of conduct… Keep track of adults, they get lost all the time.

Oh! The Stories You’ll Hear!

Dr. Seuss characters come to life in this combo show and meet and greet. Sam-I-Am of Green Eggs and Ham, The Cat in the Hat along with Thing One and Thing Two, The Grinch, and The Lorax. Get your photos and autographs after the show.

Characters may also appear in this location during non-show times.


This is where you find those ever so popular “Thing 1″, “Thing 2”, and on and on t-shirts. Those are so much fun to wear be it families or couples. You will find plenty of other Seuss-themed merchandise here as well. Of course, Seuss Landing shops would not be complete without a bookstore selling Dr. Seuss books.

Over at Mulberry Street Store is where you will find everything Seuss, from the Grinch to the Cat in the Hat. You can also personalize your items with names chosen by you in the Personal-Who-Zation station.


Want to relax and have a bite to eat? Then try the Circus McGurkus Cafe Stoo-pendous. A lot of kid favorites on the menu.  Look up occasionally to catch a view of the trolley train riding through the top of the circus tent, AKA the Circus McGurkus Cafe Stoo-pendous as previously mentioned. Plus, it’s air-conditioned. Big bonus in my book.

There is Moose Juice, Goose Juice for drinks and snacks. Hop on Pop Ice Cream Shop for all types of frozen treats. It’s Snookers & Snookers Sweet Candy Cookers to tame that sweet tooth. This candy store has endless choices of candy, fudge, caramel apples, and more.

Green Eggs and Ham Cafe (opened seasonally). Green Eggs and Ham sandwich? You won’t find this just anywhere.  Don’t want anything green?  No problem, there are non-green burgers and sandwiches.

Christmas Time

Christmas at Universal Orlando Resort is when you will find the best live musical show, Grinchmas. Who doesn’t love the story How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Except this Grinch is more like the Grinch Jim Carrey played in the movie. You know, a bit snarky.

You’ll discover the mean green one and many whos from Who-ville wandering throughout Seuss Landing. A lot of photo ops that are not to be missed. It’s a wonderful time of the year to be here. Who wouldn’t want to spend Christmas with the Whos? Your family will thoroughly enjoy and remember this holiday season.

What about breakfast with the Grinch? Why not? The Grinch and Friends character breakfast is offered buffet-style at the Circus McGurkus Cafe Stoo-pendous during the Christmas holiday. Have your camera ready. Reservations required.

In Conclusion

Besides Seuss Landing at Islands of Adventure for toddlers, there are ample rides and attractions available that do not have a height requirement throughout the rest of the park. Some attractions may be too intense,  would depend on your child.

Cool Tip: Looking for a shortcut out of Seuss Landing at Islands of Adventure? Turn left at Green Eggs and Ham and follow the path behind the shops. This is the Zax by Pass. Takes you through an open area next to the inland sea and beneath the tracks of the High In the Sky Trolley Train Ride. You will come out just before the bridge heading into Lost Continent.



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