What to Wear at Disney World

Casual and comfortable is king here. You don’t want to be messing with ill-fitted or tight clothing. Especially in the full-blown summer. Where I’m talking hot, hot, hot.

I’ve seen women wearing all kinds of shoes. What to wear at Disney World for me. It’s either sneakers or very comfy sandals. Remember you will be walking all day long. So wear the tried and true pair of shoes. You don’t want to start your vacation with blisters(bring band-aids). Personally, I would leave the flip flops for the pool but that’s me.


For handbags, I like the hands’ free approach. Backpack, cross-body purse, even the uncool fanny pack. I’m sure a lot of you are thinking, what is a fanny pack? But hey they are very useful. For small objects.

Keep jewelry simple. Being tossed around on rides. Don’t wear anything that you don’t want to lose.

What Is Not Allowed

Let’s start here. Clothing that is excessively torn and/or clothing that shows excessive amounts of skin. Keep in mind this is a family destination. Clothing with offensive messages and/or graphics. This also applies to tattoos. If they are offensive keep them covered. No costumes and/or masks for guests 14 or older(some may be allowed during special paid events) No skates or shoes with wheels, ever.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

It’s Orlando, Florida but it still gets cold in the winter. Remember to pack a pair of jeans along with all those shorts. Dress in light layers. Don’t bulk up so much that you get frisked! You will want to have a hoodie, lightweight jacket, or sweater with you. Toss it in your back pack or tie it around your waist when not needed. But have it. Otherwise be prepared, to purchase a new one at the theme park. Believe me, I’ve been there done that.

In the Summertime

Lightweight cotton tees and tanks or certain sports apparel would be the best for summer. We might want to stay away from dark colors in the heat of the summer. I personally would stay away from white shorts or pants. You’ll be getting off and on rides and those white pants well…They won’t look the same.

In the summertime don’t forget the sunscreen! That would make for a miserable start of a vacation. I always wear a baseball cap at the theme parks. Sunglasses come in handy too.

Bring a rain coat or poncho. Purchase one of those from a dollar store before leaving home. They take up no room in your bag. I’ve been to the park in September where the rain is coming down sideways. So be prepared. I wasn’t once before, cost me somewhere between $10. – $15. Then you would have to find a store that has them. By then, you may be soaked. Not good. Be prepared.

Disney Tee Shirts

Personalized Disney tee shirts are the perfect way to celebrate with a group of family or friends. Also, it helps to spot others in your group. Personalized Disney tee shirts are also perfect to announce any special occasion you are celebrating. How cool is that?

I have purchased numerous items from Zazzle. Including my share of tees. Some I’ve had customized, some not. But one thing for sure they have many unique designs. You will stand out, I know I’ve been approached and asked where did I find that T-shirt. But the main thing is quality. I still wear tee shirts that I purchased years ago. A lot of those were even the value cost tees. Of all the items I have purchased. Tee shirts to binders and in between. I’ve only had an issue once and it was handled promptly and professionally by Zazzle.

In Conclusion

What to wear at Disney World? Just keep it simple and respectful. That’s all. Go have some fun.

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